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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

One Week Update

Hard to believe a week has already passed.
  • In that time I have reduced my caloric intake by 50%
  • In the last three days I have walked 3.8 miles
  • I have left work every day by 6pm
Tomorrow morning I visit my doctor for a three month checkup and while this past week has been great, he won't be impressed since I had such a good head start way back when.  We'll see how it goes.  

I don't have alot of things on my mind tonight, just bragging.  I don't like to toot my own horn but..Beep Beep!   More charts and graphs because I'm an uber nerd.  

Weekly Progress

Calories:2,000 - 2,5004,2062,3383,4563,0502,3212,6281,966
Fat:103 - 18014011114716511712199
Carbohydrates:521 - 752444220278188204261159
Protein:116 - 4051941538814278136118
Potassium, K:4,500 - 6,0005931,7811,8091,4812,1871,9631,368
Sodium, Na:0 - 2,30013,0675,2166,0265,3232,6705,2331,581

Anyway, the validation I've received has been great, it makes me happy that I did this, glad that I opened up and shared my life.  As I mentioned to someone very dear to my heart: if I'm going to change my life, I need to change all of it.  I've tried the diet without anyone knowing or helping and it was a failure.  And while some of you might think I'm trying to be a drama queen or attention whore, you're right.  But if I don't I'll be the first person to arrive at my funeral and that shit ain't going down like that.  Here's my new long term goal:  My 20-year high school reunion (2017) - you won't even recognize me, and I'm going to be wearing a tux, without having it specially made like at my wedding.   Put that in your pipe and smoke it!!!!!

And since everyone loved the earrings, here's me with my stunna shades!


  1. GOTTA LOVE those SHADES, Tommy! LOL!
    And for all the rest---You're DARN RIGHT---
    RIGHT ON---Keep it up-You're in it to win it!!!

  2. If it hasn't been done already, tell your doctor to make himself useful and order a metabolic check. The mathematical formulas aren't worth crap.