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Thursday, August 25, 2011

My Goals

Everyone says to start small, take one day at a time but I also think you need something to look forward to.  Here's my list.  Some of these things many of you take for granted and by all means, judge me, call me a fat ass, whatever.  It's my damn list.
  1. I want to take a bath.  Imagine you have a basketball and want to clean it; you can either submerge it or rinse it off.  Now suppose you want to submerge it but all you have is a cereal bowl.  Yeah, it's kinda like that.
  2. Someday, I'm going to ride a horse.  The last time I rode a horse, I was 10 years old and had to use a five gallon bucket to get up there. When I'm at my In-Laws and petting their horses, I can see their look of fear, as if to say, "OH GOD NO".
  3. I would like to enjoy a play or live music at a theater.  You just sit down and get comfy, huh?  I'm happy for you but when your ass is wider than car tire it's slightly more difficult.  
  4. Have you ever had a kid point at you and ask his parents, "Why is that man so fat?"  I have never wanted to shake a toddler so much in my life.  
That's only some of the things I want to do or not do in the future.  Soon I'm going to determine my short-term goals and share those.  I also expect to be 100% honest in this thing, I'll probably offend some of you but I don't care.  I've spent too many years hiding my issues and even if no one reads this, it's public, it's out there and I have to account for it and myself. 

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