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Friday, June 1, 2012


It's Friday!

So this week has been kinda crazy for me, emotionally; up and down alot.  We started off Sunday morning by waking up super early because it was my 2nd weigh-in and after a 17 pound loss I was convinced that week two would be at least 10 pounds.  Well talk about getting humbled, the scaled showed a little over a thee pound loss and I was inconsolable!  "OMG, I lost only three pounds, what's wrong with me, what I am doing wrong?"  Seriously, going thru my head was thoughts about every moment for the past seven days and reliving it all.  

Two things that happened to wake me up; I talked to a friend who has gone thru this before (no offense but if you are 30 pounds overweight and think you're fat, you can suck an egg, you don't know what I'm dealing with).  He told me a couple of things that really stuck with me, 1) he reminded me that being upset with any weight loss is just stupid and 2) told me I was doing awesome.

Now, that might not seem like alot to you but it definitely meant something to me.  The second that helped me straighten up was seeing this pic on FaceBook that morning.  ---------------------------------->

So yeah, based on GROWING UP mentally and remembering my own post about consistency, I am now prepared to go this journey for the long haul, knowing that it might be three years before I am under 300 pounds, but as long as I keep showing improvement, I'll get there!  Below is my current chart and I'll keep updating this weekly!  I'm still ahead of schedule!


  1. 20 pounds in two weeks is freaking epic! Seriously.

    Congrats man. One week at a time!

    Hope this week has gone well too.