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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Still Alive

Well I didn't think it was possible but I've lasted the first five days on a liquid diet.  First, and foremost, I have cheated. I ate a can of beef stew thinned with water on Thursday because if I didn't I was going to order a pizza (I felt like I was starving).  I immediately felt awful and was in the bathroom all night.  I keep thinking about how this is going to work after the surgery and that I won't be hungry, I'm excited and I think that is helping me.  The need to eat is subsiding, in fact, yesterday I only had two shakes all day so yeah, I'm awesome.

Since Thursday I've been very good, and this morning I weighed in at 641 pounds.  For those of you keeping score at home, that's 25 pounds since Monday.

I had someone ask me if losing weight this fast was healthy and to them I say "SHUT THE FRONT DOOR".  I'm not losing weight, I'm dropping water weight, from the drastically decreased sodium intake of eating out three times a day with fast food every day that the "Murica'n" diet consists of these days.

As an example, here's a "normal" day last month, where I would typically east in excess of 5,000 calories a day.  WHERE WERE YOU THEN?  WHY DIDN'T YOU ASK ME THEN IF THIS WAS HEALTHY?  WHY DO YOU FEEL EMPOWERED TO COMPLAIN NOW WHEN I'M TRYING TO SAVE MY LIFE AND KEPT QUIET WHILE I KILLED MYSELF?

Ok, rant over.  Here's the good news:  I feel good.  I can tell my back feels better when I wake up in the morning.  Other than some stomach cramps yesterday this is the best week of my life.  I'm so thrilled with the decision this time around.  Last year I felt the same but in the back of my mind, I knew I could slip.  Now I know there is no choice.  If I eat like I did before I will literally kill myself because my new stomach won't handle it.

Also, I have discovered "Country Rap" music.  How did I not know this existed?   I have long been a fan of rap music, I love the beat and rhythm, maybe not the artists or content.  For the past two days I have been rocking Big Smo, The Lacs, Eric Church, and Bottleneck all day and am so happy.  These guys rap about things I can relate to: dirt roads, trucks, moonshine instead of bitches and hoes.  LOL  Here's my favorite so far, I think you will all enjoy it:


  1. Good job!!! Keep up the good work!

  2. Keep it up. It will get a little easier everyday. Try to stay busy to keep from thinking about food.

  3. Hey you're working hard here, just keep focused on you. And I hope you did say that to the person who confronted you about your current loss of weight, did you? :) As long as you're working with professionals who are making sure that you're OK, the only thing people around you should be doing is cheering you on!