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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Weak Sauce

How right this is.  I've had a very bad week but see some light.  I am so sick of being around people and faking it but don't want to alienate everyone.  No one sees the real me, no one sees the me I want to be, only the me I show.

I deleted Facebook and am thinking about deleting more things.  Sick of me, sick of you.  God I'm a mess, and I need help. 


  1. Nooo!!!! don't delete us man. No matter how sick of us you get or how crappy life becomes, don't delete us buddy. We need each other. It doesn't matter how many times you fail or how far you fall, just don't quit. Sure, hit the pause button until you get your head right, but don't give up. I'm not you, and your not me. I can't do things like you, and can't do things just like I can. We have different challenges with some of the same common enemies. I have to keep telling myself that when I see some people out there who seem to just crush it on weight control. But they don't have to walk down the same dark alleys that I do. They got their own crap to deal with. I try to remember that no matter what we are on the same team, and are supporting each other.

  2. By the way your one of my favorite facebook reads. Your humor is awesome!

  3. Man, I know I have no way of knowing what you're going through, but I sincerely hope the light is there for you. Know you're missed and will be even more so if you disappear completely. I don't like to bug people when they get quiet because I know all of journeys have ebbs and flows, and pestering around this stuff can be annoying. Just know I do hope that you are doing ok and find whatever it is you need right now. :-)

  4. You have brothers in this battle, my friend. We are there or have been there, and we know we will always have a battle that no one else will know. Praying for you my friend.